Download SiriWin v2.3.1!

Jun 25

The wait is over! SiriWin v2.3.1 is here! What to do before download? You probably saw the command list from here and i’m pretty sure that you seen the screenshots. If not, check them now System Requirements – Windows XP/Vista/7/8 running 32 or 64bit; – .NET Framework 3.5 or higher; – We recommend you to have 1GB RAM or more to run SiriWin...

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SiriWin for Windows Phone

Jan 24

Greetings, my friends! Today i’m proud to present to your my new release, SiriWin for Windows Phone! The only way to try Siri experience on your Windows Phone device running 7.0 -> 8.0. SiriWin is your new personal assistant! Grow your productivity with SiriWin, give Siri your commands and get the information you need with the light speed! Features of...

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Here we go again

Dec 30

Hello guys, long time – no see! Today i released SiriWin v2.3.1 which adds lots of bug fixes, updated ‘check for updates’ module and some commands fixes and code optimization Grab the new update within the app of from here.

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The new v2.3 is released!

Aug 20

Ok guys, i was really busy in this weekend so i release now the new SiriWin update. This new version fixed ALL bugs found so far including: Windows 8 compatibility; Sending emails with different settings then default ones; Twitter API; Settings saving (is done now in registry); Settings form is loading faster (and will be light-fast in next update); Prepared...

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SiriWin v2.2 is here!

Jul 25

Long time without updates? Fear no more! Today i present you the new SiriWin update, v2.2! I added many code improvements, bug fixes, now voice recognizer it’s much accurate and it’s faster! Also application will not crash or freeze (as much) as before. Also, i changed the twitter update protocol: now you just say “tweet i love SiriWin” and...

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[Update] Some new screenshots

Jun 16

As you might seen the new SiriWin v2.1 improvements done so far, i’m pretty sure that you waited for some screenshots. Here they are: Main form [updated] – Added Mac OSX form control buttons: Settings form: Speech to text feature (a.k.a talking with SiriWin) About...

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